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Army Weapons Depot Produces White Deer.

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The Seneca Army Depot between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes has closed shop. The Cold War ended with a whimper. There are 519 ammo bunkers and other buildings still standing, but empty. And the former base is completely surrounded by barbed wire. The people in the small towns around the base lost a revenue source from Uncle Sam and they are so desperate now that they succesfully lobbied the state to build a new facility to house the criminally insane in their back yard.

Also left behind are the results of an experiment to breed white deer. Behind the fence is theworld's largest herd of white deer. A sight to behold. There is a group of people that are trying to preserve the white deer and turn the area into an eco-tourism destination. They have a website.

We spotted a brown deer mingling with the white ones. What is this world coming to? Stay tuned.

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