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Tops Never Stops.

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No Swimming - Because

I know Wegman's is a big Rochester thing but I like our Tops on Winton. I took this hazy photo on a very hot, humid afternoon while looking for a spot to lock my bike. It crossed my mind to lock it to one of these signs scattered about the lot but then I pictured someone riding down the road on my bike with the sign under their arm so I locked it to one of the buggy collection rails. Bobby Lind's "Bright Elusive Butterfly of Love" from February of 1966 was playing on the tiny speaker in the upper left hand corner of this picture. I felt like I was on Mars. Inside, I was picking out produce when the automated mister came on with an abbreviated version of "Singing In The Rain". "Singing In The Rain. I'm Singing In The Rain. What a glorious feeling. I'm happy again" Tops never stops.

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