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Original Music For Cool People

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Thought Band
Genny Ice, Winter 2003
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Garth Fagen Dance

No Swimming - Because

We saw former Rochesterian John Mooney at Manhattan Square Park with Rochester's Campbell Brothers. The Campbell Brothers stole the show but that's another story. While we were watching John Mooney someone handed a flyer that announced a band called "Thought" playing "Original Music for Cool People" at the Montage Grille for free. We left and checked them out. "Original" is right. This young band did not sound like anyone else in the world. They started with some hand clapping Polynesian song and then some country sounding thing and then a funky piece that had several movements. One of the lyrics that stuck with me was, "You think about that. I'll think about this." They were thoroughly enjoyable. Fresh, all the way. Check them out. I had a little trouble with their web site but it may be working now.

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