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WHAM's old art deco-like studios on Humboldt Street used to be referred to as "Rochester's Radio City". At one time, original radio shows were created and broadcast from these state of the art studios. A cd of one of those shows, called "The Time Between", is available from Walter Dixon was one of Rochester's best known radio voices and he and Doug Duke created this series of shows in the early 1960s.

Walter Dixon

Walter Dixon Jr.

Consisting of short vignettes narrated by Walter Dixon and complimented by the music of Douglas Duke, Walter's “"Time Between"” slice-of-life recollections were designed to awaken memories, sooth the soul, and stir the heart.

This Humboldt Sreet building became the home of WROC (Channel 8) after WHAM left. WHAM is now a Clear Channel company and sister station to WOKR-TV, "We're OK, Rochester". WHAM 1180 AM is a festering, right wing fortress with the wacky Mormon, Bob Lonsberry in the morning, Rush Limbaugh all afternoon and Michael Savage and Sean Hanity in the wee hours. Far from romantic.

Harry Abraham

Harry Abraham

The sound file that you heard when this page opened was the introduction to Harry Abraham's radio show. From 1969 to 1978 Harry Abraham played jazz, real jazz, from Midnight to 5AM every night but Saturday. WHAM's nightime signal covered at least half of the United States. I could tune the show in in Bloomington, Indiana where I was going to school. The show was called "The Best of All Possible Worlds". It seemed he could almost play anything on that show and did.

Replay intro to The Best of All Possible Worlds.

There is a really nice letter from Harry to a fan posted here. It was written in 1976 or 77 and it lays out Harry's format.

Here is a link to Harry Abraham's site.

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