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There Is Always At Least One Cell Tower In Sight

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Fake Christmas trees are one thing but cell towers disguised as bad looking trees are an insult to God and Nature. This one, off 490 East near Route 31, sticks out like a sore thumb. Even the D&C picked this story up.

Cell towers are popping up everywhere. In fact, there seems to always be one in sight no matter where you are. Phone companies are putting new steeples on old churches so they can hide cell towers inside. City property like Cobbs Hill, RGE sub stations and the Irondequoit Town Hall have all sold rights to the phone companies for their towers. Would you rather see a naked cell tower or a fake tree?

These are not trees.

And I'm very suspicious of this extra thick flag pole near the Church of the Annunciation on Norton Street. At the base, the pole is almost two feet thick. There is definitely something in there. That flag does not weigh that much.

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