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Brian Peterson showed his photos to our Mac Users Group at East High a few months ago. He takes pictures every day and emails one of them to a mailing list. We received the one above today. Most of the photos are taken around Rochester and it's a great way to to start your day. If you want to get on his mailing list email him.

We have been on Brian's list for a few years and have posted a few of our favorite photos here.

Brian is not the only one doing a photo a day around here. Ronald Robert Morales posts a Picture Of The Day on his site.

I asked Brian where this church is and he wrote:
This is St. Michael's, a Catholic church located at the corner of North Clinton and Clifford. It has an interesting history. It was built and financed by early German settlers many of whom had large dairy farms along Ridge Road. They donated labor and equipment and financed it by taking out first and second mortgages on their property; selling jewelry and other possessions. They built it to resemble the gothic cathedrals that they remembered from their homeland. I think this all took place in the 1850's.

Over the years it as served the needs of the local community whatever their race. Now most the parishioners are Hispanic, but the German community at large (I believe they do this every year) get together here to hold a mass in German with a social afterwards. Prior to the mass, the church conducts a guided tour for those interested. That was why I went. I ended up staying for the mass and social, even though I'm not a Catholic, and had a wonderful time. They allowed me to take many photos. I hope to do something with them sometime.

Post 9/11 - The world has changed. Brian included the following note with his photo today.
This morning downtown while walking back to my truck, I stopped to take a photo of two round bushes with little round balls of snow clumped in many of the branches. I no sooner got my camera out than I heard a man's voice from about twenty feet away say that I can't take pictures here. I asked why not. He tells me that it's because this is the Federal Building. I say "So what, I'm on a public sidewalk; I'm not trespassing." Next thing I know he has his cell phone out calling someone. So, not wanting to get embroiled in some stupid argument, I go on my merry way.

I no sooner get in the truck, which was parked two blocks away, than I hear a gentle tapping on my side window. What do you know, there stands a Federal Marshall in his shirt sleeves flashing a badge at me and asking for ID. I gave him my drivers license; he wrote my name on a little note pad, returned my license and asked if taking photos was a hobby of mine. Even though I don't really think of what I do as a hobby, I replied "Yeah, you might say that." He seemed satisfied with the answer and probably feeling kind of cold standing there in his shirt sleeves, he thanked me and left. He never did tell me not to take any more pictures of the building. It seems so bizarre to me. Over the years I photographed demonstrations in front of the building; I may even have pictures of it under construction, I've shot pictures of it from almost every angle. When I was downtown again this evening I shot this kind of blurry picture from across the street. It's been computer enhanced to show the details of the top secret project they're hiding there.

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