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Margaet Explosion T-Shirt 2008
Bernie Heveron on Bass 2008
Edith Small Opening RIT 2008
Phil Marshall on Guitar 2008
Butterfly Knot Party 2007
Jack Schaefer Bass Clarinet 2007
Arpad Sekeres Engineering 2007
Too Much Time In Studio 2007
stereo guitar Chair 2007
Bob Martin engineering 2007
Bob Recording chair 2007
Pete,Ken, Peggi Studio 2007
Pete LaBonne on accordion 2007
MAG Biennial Opening 2006
2 Bass Players at Bug Jar 2006
Pete LaBonne grand piano 2006
Ken tunes imaginary bass 2006
Skyhigh CD Release Party 2006
Bob, Peggi, Ken Bowing 2007
ME Daily Perks 2007
Peggi With Drums 2007
Ken with New Bass 2007
Jack, Peggi & Paul Flat Iron 2007
Jack, Bass Clainet Flat Iron 2007
Bob at Bug Jar 2007
Paul, Peggi, Tamborine 2006
Paul With Conga 2006
Art Walk Fall 2006
Peggi & Paul at Armory 2006
ME with Joe from Nod 2006
Brandon Sits In on Break 2006
Ken, Paul, Peggi at Armory
Eastman House Jazz Fest 2006
Ken, Peggi, Bob, 2006
Peggi, Ken, Bob 2006
Art Walk 2006
Little Theatre Cafe 2006
Invisible Explosion 2005
Fred Marshall on Piano 2005
Pete LaBonne on Piano 2005
WITR Rochester Sessions 2004
Kathy Landers Shot 2004
Gap Mangione Sits In 2004
Pete LaBonne On Piano 2004
Arpad Behind The Board 2004
Steve Green 2004
Peggi Pete Bob 2004
Paul Peggi Pete 2004
Mechandise Booth 2003
Peggi Laughing 2003
RoCo Opening 2003
Art Opening Old Kinkos 2003
Bug Jar CD Release 2003
Promo Shot 1998
Bug Jar 1998
Peggi, Pete, Bug Jar 1998
Set Up Bug Jar 1998


Margaret Explosion Blow Up

Paul Dodd - drums, Peggi Fournier - sax, Bob MArtin - guitar, Ken Frank - bass

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