Joe Tunis has done five joe+n day tours. He performs at nine locations in the course of one day. We've caught the gig behind Towners on University near the railroad tracks every year. We caught three stops this year and even bought t-shirts. We really look forward to this tour and highly recommend it. Check out these photos from the fifth annual tour.

We bought Joe's cd out of the back of his red jeep but it is available from his label Carbon Records. We had our dryer going the first time we listened to it. We had washed a pink shag throw rug a while back that had some nails in it and they got stuck in the drum of the dryer so our dryer has its own noise-core-thing going and it worked well with this record.

We had the windows open the second time we listened to it and a plane flew over while we were on track six. I had to get up and move closer to the window to determine whether the sound was coming from outside or from the CD. It was a real plane. And that was a real train that went by when we were down by the tracks.

Joe is also streaming his own 24 station with non stop Carbon Records sounds.

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