It finally dawned on us that Lyell Avenue is the heart of Rochester.
I rode my bike out Lyell last summer and documented some of the landmarks.

CLICK on the sign below
to take a stroll west from Lake Avenue on Lyell.

Of course there is a dark side.

Jennifer Wolfley, program director at Mary Magdalene Women's Outreach Center was quoted in the D&C as saying "Look at that trash here on the street. Would they allow Christmas decorations to still be up months later in Pittsford? See, that? Those are drug dealers on the side of the street. You don't even have to get out of your car. And that, the former Tent City, is called the rape house by everyone on the streets. The building is so large that women can easily get pulled in there and no one will even notice. Where are the shoppers? Where are the help wanted signs? Where are the signs of hope?"