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skateboard Skate Rochester. Rochester Ferry Mayor Duffy is a meany. I Still Love Ferrys.
Lyell Avenue Forget about Monroe and Park Avenue. Lyell Ave is the heart of Rochester. It took me a long time to come to this realization.
Take A Stroll Down Lyell Ave.
Weiner Dogs We don't even own a dog but we wouldn't miss the Weiner Dog Parade
Rip Off There are Indian reservations all over New York State and Rochester is surrounded by them. Some desperate politicians want to put one in downtown Rochester.
See "I Want My Money Back"
Sam Sam is our hero. He documents everything. His web site bookmark favorites are a country mile long and there is a link to his list here.
Our Motto

Lydia Lunch, Wendy O Williams and Chyna are all from Rochester. That might tell you something about this place but I'm not sure what that would be.
Checkout our list of Favorite Sons

Rochester Occasionally we leave Rochester and sometimes we even cross New York State lines.
Trippin' Out Index

I can understand why woman would want to hustle through a bridge underpass like this but if I'm on foot I like to take my time and look at the walls. We have photos from the underside of four different Rochester bridges.
Pick A Bridge To Go Under

Sparky Sparky is my neighbor. I had this idea to collect Sparky episodes. real incidents and things he really told us happened. That was the easy part. I plan to illustrate these someday.
not Bush!

It occurred to us that with a name like theRefrigerator we simply had to review food. So we started with a few things like Italian Ice from Gitano's over on Waring Road and olives form Olindo's Importers out on Lyell Avenue and hominy from Tops Friendly markets.
Food - We Like It

Signs Publishing tools on everyone's desktop. Do it yourself style graphics are everywhere. We love it!
Everyone Is A Designer

We are partial to cats. Refrigerator readers can send us a photo of their cat and we will post it. Frank Petronio sent this one.
Check out Refrigerator Readers Cats

Monster Truck Our nephews create their own little worlds with their tiny toy trucks and when they get really wound up they start riding over other trucks and anything in sight, The scale is the only that was different at the Blue Cross Arena.
Monster Trucks
Funky Church

Small churches are springing up all over Rochester but they aren't new buildings. They are in old storefronts and small abandoned buildings and in some cases, houses. They have names like "First Harvest" and" Bride Of Christ."
Go To Funky Church

Bees Bees are great for the garden but they can cause some real damage if they start working on your house. Sometimes they are just a nuisance.
But Bee Careful
Italian Restaurants

It was only noon and it was hot and sunny, not exactly Italian Restaurant weather. We will have to check back with this place. Rochester is the "Italian Restaurant Capitol of the World"
Read reviews of Italian Restaurants

Hilary We're hoping we see a new crop of candidates and secret service men when they swing through town. We caught Hillary and Mr. McCain last time around.
Vote, please

You could take a camera with you as you walk around your neighborhood and snap photos of ordinary stuff. Most of the photo in this section were taken around Rochester but we occasionally get out out town with our camera.
Everyday Wonders

Santa Our nephew was in town with his global positioning device.
We found the North Pole
Buffalo Bills

All football fans know that Buffalo Bills fans are a special breed. The Bills do their summer training in Rochester and the New York State thruway is jammed with Rochester fans heading to Ralph Wilson (the Ralph) Stadium on Sundays in the fall. We caught a Bills/Bears game las t year and documented the adventure.
Buffalo Bills

Refrigerators I think I know that guy. He is on the front of a refrigerator that one of our readers sent us.
Send us a photo of your refrigerator
Break Dancing Break Dancing never went away, We were eating at Lorraine's over on Culver and a dj was setting up. Next thing you know we rockin' to the Sugarhill Gang.
Good thing I had my camera
Mt Hope Susan B Anthony and Frederick Douglas were both buried in Mount Hope Cemetery. Their gravestones are modest.
Some people go down in style


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