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So far, all of the old logo sightings have been in Rochester, New York. I haven't been out of town in awhile and I don't know if this is just a local phenomena. We're still waiting for our first out of town sighting.
Send us your old mailbox logo sightings.

April 19999 I photographed this mailbox on University Avenue (down the street from Monroe Ambulance and across from the old BTB Bakery). But the last time I drove by, I couldn't find it. They may have removed it. Maybe all these mailboxes with the old logos are one step away from extinction.

May 1999 This mailbox was spotted right in front of the Cox Building on Saint Paul Boulevard. The logo here is actually an older version of the old logo seen in the other photos.

June.1999 Amazingly, this mailbox was sighted right out in the open on East Avenue at Oxford Street. We were doing the AIDS walk and I saw it from a block away
8.26.02 Update: I just rode my bike down East Avenue over the weekend and this logo still stands.

June 1999 As you come out the door of the Tops Market on Winton Road, right across the street from the Post Office, right under their noses, you'll see this baby.

September, 1999 This mailbox is downtown on Clinton Avenue about one block down from Main. There's a Krud Skates sticker on the army green box to the left. I would rather see the KrudCo. sticker on all the mailboxes than the new Post Office logo.

September, 1999 This one was spotted right across the street from the old main post office downtown. Again, right under their noses.

September, 1999 Don't any postal workers go to Red? This maildox is on the sidewalk right in front of the entrance to the club.


October 1999 I came out of the Bop Shop in Village Gate and spotted thiese two mailboxes side by side - one withthe old logo and one with the new.

It was in this sleepy, old time thriftstore setting that it occured to me - these things would fetch a pretty penny on e-bay.