Refrigerator Home

I did few paintings of some of my friends from the RL Thomas Classof 1968 in Webster. I might have been thinking about the illusive 30 year reunion when I did them. Charlie and Tim were already dead and then Dave died in 06. I have lost touch with some of the faces below but still see Joe, Frank, Shirley and Jeff and think about the others from time to time.



High School Classmates © 1998 Paul Dodd, Oil on canvas. These are are very small paintings, about 5"x7"each.
left to right, top row - Joe Barrett, Dave Mahoney, Frank Palazzolo, Ron Geil, Tim Schapp, Shirley Zimmer
bottom row - Irene Palermo, Jeff Munson, Laurice Densmore, Charlie Coco, Paul Dodd, Al Williams

other Paul Dodd Paintings