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Leon J. Salter, AKA Zouté (salt in German), lived in North Rose, a small town about 30 miles east of Rochester, New York. He was independently wealthy, or so we have been told by Mike Deming. Mike is an antique dealer and he has bought as many Zouté paintings as he can get a hold of.

Mike has a box of Zouté watercolors and maybe twenty paintings. He gave me a Zouté watercolor for my birthday. He has hung six or seven Zouté paintings in Mex restaurant downtown so you may have seen some. This one is in the bar downstairs at Mex.

All of the photos in this Zouté section of the site are from Mike's collection. They were all taken by Zouté. The sterovision/photo collage above is from an unknown museum show. That's his wife to the right. She shows up in a number of his paintings and also painted. They couldn't have children but she was a lifelong companion.

So how does one come to be independently wealthy?