Refrigerator Home

The Wine Merchant
(Walter Taylor, Bully Hill)
The Tavern Owner
(Don Scorgie,Scorgies)
The Shopkeeper

(Dick Storms)
The Role Model

(Armand Schaubroeck)
(Jim Hughes)
The Poet
(Chuck Cuminale)
The Musician
(Pee Wee Ellis)
The Music Critic
(Steve Dollar/
Robert Meyerowitz)
The Mayor
(Mayor Ryan)
The Eccentric
(Martin Edic)
The Dancer
(Garth Fagan)
The Club Owner
(Susan Plunkett)
The Balloon Man
(Unknown Street Person)
The Chiropractor
(Donald Siedel)

Local Icons Series © 1988 Paul Dodd, house paint on billboard paper 48"x60" each

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