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Ooops! © 2000 16x 20 oil on canvas board by Janet Williams

Here's the painting of my brother. It well may be my best painting.

Refrigerator readers might like to know that the painting, when seen at a distance, appears to be composed of things and personas sucked into it from the surrounding room. This was not a planned effect, but one that is true anyway. The center of the vortex seems to be the glass into which my brother is pouring a mighty stream of vodka. The title of the painting is "Ooops"

The inspiration for this painting occurred during a month I spent in Hartford CT, supposedly helping to provide 24 hour supervision for my brother at home while he recovered from a brain injury. Among a long list of activities he was not to attempt, some with, some without SUPERVISION were most definitely drinking alcohol or driving a car. The tiny figure at the left is the guy returning to him his car keys. The other persons in the picture are me and my mother, and both the social worker and the speech therapist assigned to his case. Oh, and Jesus. Jesus! My brother's astute response to all my SUPERVISORY advice to him was, "Who's sister are you?"