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Visual Studies (sounds like a pretty easy major)

The Visual Studies Workshop is affiliated with Brookport and offers graduate study programs in you guessed it. Seems like a lot of graduates come out making books and you can buy many of these in the bookstore. Nationally reknowned photographer, Nathan Lyons used to run the workshop and he still teaches a course or two. Above are our stills from "Cone Field" by Megan Roberts and Raymond Ghirardo, a video installation at the Visual Studies Workshop. This show was a few years ago so you missed it but Visual Studies presents this sort of work all the time. n a dark room we were transported to a field where we encountered these otherworldly cone shaped beings with video projected on them. We sat there staring at these cones for twenty minutes as they swirled and changed colors and little people floated up the sides of them.

We met Scott, then the Gallery director. He organized a show that included an outdoor projection on the ivy covered walls (also by Megan Roberts and Raymond Ghirardo) and an installation in the hallway downstairs of a seventies action movie slowed way down to a druggy tempo to accompany the opening night festivities. This was the place to be on Gallery Night. Does Rochester still have a Gallery Night.

Joe Tunis of Carbon Records has also helped organize two video and sound installations here called "init" and "init.two".