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Gallery 15

Sadly, Gallery 15 is no more. The owners were unable to make a go of it and are planning their next move. It was one of the nicest art spaces in town.

Gallery 15, so named because of their location on Prince Street, was co-owned and run by Jim and Gail Thomas, both former art teachers. Jim, who is one of the most talkative people you will ever encounter, had a lot of his own work featured in their opening show. His light sculptors and black and white figure drawings are shown above as they appeared in the gallery's front room. There were five rooms, each with their own vibe, and Gail had some her portrait work in one of them. They are both very talented and brought their good taste and enthusiasm to each show.

Jim's recent charcoal drawings were featured in an adjoining room and looked every bit as dramatic as Francis Bacon. They looked like human totem poles. They were open for almost two years in some tough times and had a string of exciting shows like the one featuring Judd Williams' work. This was a for profit gallery and the art was attractively priced. I wish it had lasted. We need another place like this.