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A/V Space was called the All Pupose Room for few years. It is a beautiful space for art and performance. This alternative to the alternative art spaces is located in the Public Market just down from Java Joe's. They have a pretty busy schedule of performances and shows. We are members but we don't have any card or anything. I don't even think we are on the email list. We get postcards in the mail announcing new shows and we have seen some great stuff here. The room has a great sound for music. There are two mp3s from Margaret Explosion's gig at A/V posted here.

Visit the A/V Space site.

Above, Chris Reeg (second from left) in front of his charcoal drawing of Ed, the sax player in Chris's band, The Blood and Bone Orchestra.

That's Joe Tunis to the left, performing as Joe+n at the A/V Space during his fifth annual day tour. Joe is the musical director for the Space.